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    FASHION: Choices, Individuality and Freedom of Expression

    Fast fashion is the ‘in thing’ in today’s society. Stores are made up of throw-away fashion to fit one season only, with garments that aren’t designed to last. Even the vast majority of booming online clothing stores have shifted towards the principles of fast fashion, offering items that are made in a range of shoddy materials, that fall apart in the washing machine, and that, no matter how you try, just don’t quite fit right. This temporary way of fitting into the styles of the season is unsustainable and creates a uniform flock of sheep all donning the same clothes, looking rather clone-like. When these high-street shops and online brands begin stocking similar items, shopping can become difficult. Especially if you want to craft your own individual identity and have the freedom within the fashion industry to do so.

    Online retailers are particularly guilty of this. Only stocking what the latest influencer has chosen to wear, which in turn creates thousands of identical identities - ‘copycats’, styling themselves the same way. If you struggle to put pieces together yourself, or do not yet feel confident enough to craft your own identity, then finding inspiration from popular fashion is not a crime. It can, however, add to the feeling of invisibility. Many women are guilty of dressing not to be seen, which is saddening when there are infinite combinations of styles, colours and garments to be toyed with until you have found a type of individuality you want to be seen in.

    The fast fashion industry perpetuates this type of invisibility, encouraging individuals – especially young girls and teenagers – to dress the same and ultimately sacrifice parts of their individuality, all just to fit in and feel a sense of belonging. At ‘Olga Anderson’, we aim to combat this by designing individual pieces that are bespoke and have a greater uniqueness than pieces made and sold in mass production. We don’t believe in the commercial, mass appeal of dressing for the status quo, or in mindlessly following what is considered current. We believe in the different, the unique, the strong - we believe in you.

    We champion freedom of expression and feminism, and believe that our designs are the embodiment of the modern-day woman: strong, courageous, ambitious, anddetermined. Just like you.

    Of course, having the freedom to express your individuality comes with confidence. This may come naturally to you or take some time to build up. There is no race when it comes to self-love or assurance. Through reading our articles on different shapes of the female figure you should, hopefully, have a better idea of what cuts, and shapes in clothing to go for. As for colour and style – that is entirely up to you!

    Tailoring a style to be yours can be tricky in the beginning. Have a think about your daily life, what do you enjoy? What music do you listen to? Do you have anyone inspirational to draw ideas from? Which accessories do you use the most? Questions like this should aid you in finding a style that suits your figure and personality, boosting your overall self-confidence, and helping you to feel empowered on a daily basis. That assertive feeling of being sure of yourself, and your tastes, is unmatched.

    Remember: fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever.

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