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    Styling a statement jacket is twofold: achieving the mastery of layering by ensuring each piece compliments without competing and creating a look that remains classy – not flashy – when styling a bold, bright, and unique garment. With SS20 waving goodbye to muted neutrals and inviting in vibrant colour palettes, from neon to pastels, there’s never been a better and more appropriate time to start styling vibrant statement pieces in a playful expression of personal style!


    Pairing pink with purple is an uncommon occurrence in women’s fashion, making it a unique combination for the daring fashionista who wants to stand out. Purple is a bold and sophisticated, yet complex, colour; previously reserved for only those in the highest echelons of society, purple has come to represent majesty and class. It is a combination of spiritual blue and passionate red, making it the perfect shade to don when expressing sophistication and elegance. Pink balances out the passion of purple, radiating softness and femininity for the romantics amongst us. Mixing these two shades together is the ultimate love story and culminates in a beautiful, complex look for the creative and intuitive woman.
    To get the look:
    Jacket: 'Olga Anderson',
    Bag : Kurt Geiger, Earrings : Katerina Makriyianni, Shoes : Saint Laurent, Skirt : TELA


    Yellow: a colour that evokes warmth, brightness, and happiness due to its associations with the sun, it’s the perfect colour to don when feeling happy and mentally alert. For some, the brightness can be overbearing, so the colour yellow is best worn when paired with other shades. Although pairing two bold colours – such as yellow and pink – may seem overwhelming, this combination is the ultimate smile-inducing blend and is incredibly chic when styled well. This look demands attention, but the emotion expressed through the bright colourways softens the look and makes it wearable for everyone.

    Bring the look together with some green accessories to add further dimension and balance, to create the ultimate happiness-evoking outfit.
    To get the look:  
    Jacket: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Dries Van Noten, Earrings : Elizabeth Cole, Shoes : Aquazzura, Skirt : MSGM


    Separately, pastels and brights are trends that returns every spring, but that doesn’t mean creating the same old, repetitive outfits you’ve seen time and time again: it’s time to rethink how you wear these colours. Why not blend them together? Instead of pairing pastels with pastels and brights with brights, why not experiment with combining the two? Coupling a vibrant fuchsia jacket with the soft mint tones of a casual trouser creates the perfect, unique spring-inspired look tailored to express personal style. Pastel accessories complement the look without overpowering the jacket and competing for attention; instead, the shades work together in harmony to create an elegant look abundant with light, energy, and positivity that can carry you from desk-to-drinks.
    To get the look:
    Jacket: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : See by Chloé, Earrings : Laura Lombardi, Shoes : Prada, Pants : a.w.a.k.e


    When styling a statement piece, knowing how to draw attention to the right element to create aesthetic balance is key. Why not pair our Fuchsia Jacket with a chic white dress and baby pink heels? The white fabric provides a stylish blank canvas that really helps the jacket ‘pop’, whilst the soft movement of the dress balances the structure of the jacket to create a dynamic, eye-catching, and sophisticated outfit. Styling the look with subtle accessories ties the look , while the combination of bright and soft tones creates a simple yet effective look: the ultimate picture of understated elegance, perfectly balanced with a hint of playfulness.
    To get the Look:
    Jacket: 'Olga Anderson',
    Bag : Oscar De La Renta, Earrings : Jenny Bird, Ring : Balenciaga, Shoes : Vince Camuto, Dress : Valentino


    Versatility is key when investing in statement pieces. The best investments are timeless yet unique enough to stand out in your wardrobe and demand attention when worn. For some, statement pieces can be challenging to style and are reserved for special occasions – but this seems to be a disservice to some of the most beautiful, extravagant, and daring pieces. What if the perfect occasion never arises, does the piece stay in the wardrobe to gather dust? Instead, try styling statement pieces down for casual looks so that you get more wear out of bolder pieces. For example, pairing a statement jacket with jeans and flats is a great way to get casual wear out of statement piece, whilst still remaining eye-catching and special. This look may be subtle, but one bright garment contrasted with unobtrusive accessories and colour palettes, transforms the ‘girl next door’ into a chic, elegant style icon!
    To get the look:
    Jacket: 'Olga Anderson',
    Bag : Fendi, Earrings : Chloé, Shoes : Tory Burch, Jeans : Levis

    Styling a bright, colourful jacket doesn’t mean discarding any other colourful elements in your wardrobe; it’s about finding the perfect balance that expresses the personality and purpose of the wearer. Whether channelling a more casual vibe or dressing up for an evening out with the girls, this pink jacket is perfect in its versatility to be styled for any occasion, for anyone.

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