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    Although many of us dream of finding that statement piece of clothing that we feel represents a part of us whilst helping us to stand out, finding ways to style these types of clothes can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a range of looks based around a single statement piece: a beautifully embellished purple dress. Through this elegant, purple, tiered dress with an embellished bodice – the perfect piece to style both up and down – we hope to inspire you with our outfit combinations and help you find ways to make a statement piece encapsulate your own personal style. The embellishments add a touch of glamour, femininity, and fun, imbuing the wearer with a feeling of confident vivacity, yet pairing it with different accessories and other items of clothing can help to tone down the glamour for the more reserved fashionista.  Read on to see some easy and accessible ways to style this garment.


    Purple and orange appear to present a risky style choice, especially if choosing a bolder, darker version of each to put together. Pairing two colours that sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel may seem challenging but, when styled well, they work collaboratively to create a vibrant, chic look. Cheryl Tweedy’s (then Cole) ‘American-debut’ outfit in 2011 exemplified the ingenuity and striking nature of this colour union, signalling her fun, daring, and cheeky nature through confident colour choices and dramatic styles.  When easing into a bold style choice, start by matching undertones and hues for a more subtle pairing: wear pastel shades with pastels, and bright shades with brights, to avoid a shocking and stark outfit.  Complete the look with complimentary accessories of the same colour to create the perfect, coherent look for the bold, sophisticated woman.  Perfect for a summery wedding, the bright colours dazzle in the sunlight, whilst the elegantly floaty dress accompanied by a structured blazer makes for ideal occasion-wear.
    To get the look:
    Dress : 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Whiting And Davis, Earrings : Nordstorm, Shoes : Pretty Little Thing, Scarf : Scarf Selfoe, Blazer : Michele


    Matching a vibrant purple dress with silver and mint tones creates a fresh look with a clear nod to the delicate blooms of spring, while the inclusion of subtle accessories allows the statement dress to shine.  Style this look with a versatile cropped blazer; the edgy look echoes AW20 runways, including Rotate Birger Christensen’s shiny take on the cropped blazer. Whether worn to attend afterwork drinks or at brunch with the girls, this modern look is eye-catching and a picture of fashion-forward confidence.  Finish the look with a mint bag and some sparkle in the shoes and earrings for the perfect evening look.
    To get the look:
    Dress : 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Dolce & Gabanna, Earrings 1 : Rixo, Earrings 2 : Larkspur & Hawk, Shoes : Christian Louboutin, Blazer : Off - White


    Purple and bronze: both are stately colours, reminiscent of royalty with a hint of impishness.  Bronze is one of the darker metal tones, so when paired with the serene yet passionate tones of purple, it creates a moody and dramatic look that seamlessly suits an evening out, helping you to shine yet simultaneously appear mysterious.  As ascertained with the previous look, wearing a statement piece balanced by accessories of the same colour creates a glamorous, stylish, and put-together look, ideal for the evening antics of a sophisticated woman.
    To get the look:
    Dress: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Casadei, Earrings : Madewell, Shoes : Casadei, Blazer : Tagliatore


    Pairing the luxe of purple with a summery yellow guarantees a look that will undoubtedly impress.  Drape a yellow blazer over your shoulders for a comfy-casual look exuding confidence amongst the different colours and textures of the outfit. 2019 introduced us to the mini clutch bag trend and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for SS20! Embrace this silly, statement trend by accessorising with a mini bag, and then finalise your outfit with some heels for the perfect cocktail party look.
    To get the look: 
    Dress: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Shrimps, Earrings : Eliou, Scarf :  Fonyve, Shoes : Manolo Blahnik, Blazer : Balmain


    For the ultimate expression of your own, personal style, why not blend contemporary looks with iconic ones from the past? SS20 runways have witnessed an influx of tiered dresses introducing volume, drama, and fun to the catwalk, each adorned with era-unique features, such as the disco collars seen on the likes of Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham providing subtle nods to the 70s. Embrace this expression of the disco era by pairing our purple tiered dress with metallic tones – perhaps a metallic leather jacket? – to present a modern twist of an old classic.  Opting for subtle silvers and whites as an accompaniment ensures you’ll stand out in this statement dress.
    To get the look:
    Dress : 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Prada, Cap : Ruslan Baginskiy, Earrings : Balenciaga, Shoes : J Crew, Blazer : Balmain


    With the wedding season in full swing, finding the perfect new outfit amongst the crowds of other women doing the same can be difficult.  This tiered purple dress is sure to make a statement; the tiered detail bestows a beautiful twirl-ability upon the dress, whilst the embellishments add femininity and glamour. Pair with cream accessories to soften the look.
    To get the look:
    Dress: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Chloe, Glasses : Chloe, Earrings : Gucci, Shoes : Gucci, Blazer : Lola Biker


    Head-to-toe colour is a look seen time and time again on SS20 runways; why not channel this expressive colour palette with our purple tiered dress? Dare to be bold by pairing this luxe purple garment with vibrant greens and a touch of orange, for a look that exudes happiness and fun.  These two colours create an unexpectedly chic outfit that may seem daunting to decorate yourself in at first, but the pastel green hues can help to gently introduce the concept of experimenting with unique and surprising colour combinations.
    To get the look: 
    Dress: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Gianfranco-Ferre-Pre-owned, Glasses : Loewe, Shoes : Jacquemus, Scarves :Fonyve, Blazer : Lime Green Blazer


    Pink and purple are an unexpected colour combination in women’s fashion, as it echoes the princess costumes of girlish youth.  A somewhat royal colour combination often depicted on Disney princesses, pink and purple can be successfully adopted for a girly yet chic garden party look.  Purple – a combination of spiritual blue and passionate red – is bold and sophisticated, representing a certain reverential majesty that makes it the perfect shade to don when wishing to radiate elegance. Pink balances out the passion of purple, radiating softness and femininity for the romantics.  Pairing these two shades creates a sophisticated look for creative souls, with the pastel pink adding notes of blossom for a summery dimension to the outfit.
    To get the look:
    Dress: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Alexander Mcqueen, Earrings 1 : Kendra Scott, Earrings 2 : Dolce & Gabbana, Shoes : Christian Louboutin, Blazer : Moschino


    Modern weddings have relinquished their outdated shackles, moving far and away from the rigid rules and stereotypes that held them in check for so long: the aisle is no longer confined to pure white dresses, bridesmaids no longer have to match, and new traditions are being increasingly adopted. With the abandonment of traditional rules, weddings have become the perfect opportunity to experiment with formal attire and style it to your personal tastes.  Why not pair this embellished, tiered purple dress with an equally embellished cropped jacket to maximise the ‘oomph!’ factor? The look exudes glitz and glamour, whilst the playful bag adds a summery, fun element perfect for the wedding guest dressed to impress!
    To get the look:
    Dress: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Dolce & Gabbana, Earrings : Area, Shoes : Bottega Veneta, Blazer : Dolce & Gabbana


    Power dressing has existed since the 70s, undergoing numerous reinventions and gradually incorporating more femininity into styles that are perfect for the empowered woman.  However, power dressing is no longer tied to the erstwhile suit and tie combination, having been slightly altered for the female body. Contemporary fashion has taught us that power dressing is as much about the confidence of the wearer as it is about adopting traditional ‘business attire’.  Channel the likes of Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking and Georgio Armani’s power suit with a modern, feminine twist: reach for a dress in luxe shades of purple and pair with a structured burgundy blazer and a pair of classic brogues for the ultimate business-chic look.
    To get the look:
    Dress: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Saint Laurent, Earrings : NausheenShah X Monica Sordo, Shoes : Coliac, Blazer : Boohoo


    This embellished, tiered dress is truly versatile, in that it can effortlessly carry you from desk to drinks, with just a small change in accessories. Pairing this regal dress with sleek, black accessories makes for the perfect, clean-cut professional look. The structure of the jacket matched with the elegance of a small handbag and the flash of gold from the accessories creates a corporate-appropriate look for the businesswoman exploring her personal style. Finish the look with some black and gold earrings add an element of glamorous modernity whilst remaining stylish and cool.
    To get the look:
    Dress: 'Olga Anderson', Bag : Gucci, Earrings 1 : Dior, Earrings 2 : Nordstorm, Shoes : Saint Laurent, Blazer : Saint Laurent

    There’s a way to make purple work for everyone because, despite its complexities, it is a brilliant colour to wear to command attention and exude confidence. Introducing colour into your wardrobe one garment at a time is a great way to begin exploring personal style to stand out from the crowd. Which of the looks was your favourite?


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