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    This delicate, flowing, green dress feels simple and fresh, easily styled with a variety of colour palettes to express anything, from feelings of elegance to a burst of exuberance. When accessorising, you can play up its nature vibes and choose a floral style – perfect for summer! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can tone up the subtle print by highlighting the sheer layers, or add dimension with textured and feathered accessories.

    Look 1: 'AU-NATURAL'

    Pale green alludes to femininity; highlight the delicacy of this dress by choosing natural pink tones with soft, silk detailing. Add a touch of gold jewellery to bring out the warmness and you will have an outfit that is both empowering and desirable.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Rosantica Milano, Necklace: Moda Operandi, Hat: Maor Zabar, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Earrings: Weaver

    Look 2: 'ROSE GARDEN'

    Styled alongside vibrant colours, deeper green tones simultaneously allow you to disappear into fields of flowers, whilst turning heads wherever you go. Top it off with an extravagant mini bag for added texture, and maintain consistency and sophistication by mirroring the blues and greens throughout your outfit.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Gatti, Bracelet: Tiffany & Co., Hat: Stephen Jones Millinery, Shoes: Debbie Castle, Earrings: Natasha Schweitzer Jewellery

    Look 3: 'HOT PINK'

    Hot pink is such a fantastic way to portray your personal style, although, as such a bright colour, it can be tricky to style. Start with simple accessories to focus the attention on one exciting piece and then mirror the flow of the dress with a bright floral hat for a fun and vibrant touch.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Shoes: Schutz, Earrings:, Bag: Rosantica Milano, Bracelet:, Necklace: Anni, Hat: William Chambers Millinery

    Look 4: 'GREEN WITH ENVY'

    For something a little different, stray away from the floral vibe; instead, edge towards mellow, earthy tones and convey a sense of opulence with a statement feather hat. Then, add slight dimension by playing around with different shades of green. Contrast the delicate dress fabric with a snakeskin bag for a contemporary twist.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Florian London, Hat: Maor Zabar, Glasses: Boohoo, Watch: Buccellati, Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana



    The white jumpsuit is a subversive hybrid of daring and trendy mixed with chic and traditional. It is such a powerful statement piece, blending a conventionally masculine formal style along with an unexpectedly deep neckline and high waist, creating a contemporary look for the empowered woman.

    Styling this white jumpsuit is a delight, as it is wonderfully versatile; there are a myriad of ways to complement and transform this elegant piece. To make this easy for you, we have compiled a series of styling options, ranging from regal golds that embrace glitz and glam in abundance, to a classic, monochromatic black and white pairing.

    Look 1: 'GLITZY GOLD'

    Complementing this chic jumpsuit with glitzy gold transforms this piece into the sheer embodiment of luxury, exuding confidence. It is simple, glamorous, and utterly powerful. Finish the look with modern, stylish glasses to add a playful aura that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.
    To get the look:
    Jumpsuit: ‘Olga Anderson’, Necklace: Miu Miu, Hat: Anna Mikhailova, Glasses: Marni, Shoes: PrettyLittleThing

    Look 2: 'MONOCHROME'

    Opt for a timeless look by styling with monochrome accessories that highlight the classic simplicity of this look. It is easy to transform from day to night and works irrespective of age, creating a classy, chic look. Pair with a geometric patterned bag and your favourite statement earrings for a touch of 1920s Gatsby
    To get the look:
    Jumpsuit: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag:, Necklace: Saint Laurent, Hat: Stephen Jones Millinery, Shoes:  Jimmy Choo, Earrings: The Accessory Junkie

    Look 3: 'GREEK GODDESS'

    Light gold works exceptionally well with white and is the perfect way to embody the Greek goddess look – the gold strappy sandals even nod to a gladiator vibe! The gold jewels portray a feeling of luxury and splendour which, when worn with a white jumpsuit, create a strikingly dazzling image.
    To get the look:
    Jumpsuit: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: On The Island, Hat: Anna Millinery, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Earrings: Vince Camuto 

    Look 4: 'SUBTLE FLORAL' 

    Summer is the perfect season for choosing white, and one of the best ways to tone down the straight tailored lines of this daring piece is to couple it with subtle accessories. The silvery jewellery is just as glamorous but has a more delicate feel. Complete the look with an elegant white floral hat as this is for Ascot, of course!
    To get the look:
    Jumpsuit: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag:, Necklace: Knotty, Hat: Studio Maor Zabar, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Earrings: Bentley & Skinner



    Do you dare go for red? Intoxicating, vibrant and highly seductive, this dress is such a statement piece and ideal for the empowered woman. Accessorise with mystical silvery tones to allow the dress to speak for itself, or spotlight your confidence and exquisite taste with equally bold colours.


    Wearing red can be intimidating, as it is such a striking, stand-out colour but it is also guaranteed to radiate passion. To incorporate red into your wardrobe, it can be easier to start by playing down your accessories. Choose silvery tones to soften the look and convey serenity, then add intricate detailing for a mystical appearance.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Rosantica Milano, Bracelet: Nordstrom, Hat: Rachel Trevor Morgan, Earrings: 8 Other Reasons, Shoes: Sophia Webster

    Look 2: 'RED BLEND'

    Summer is full of colour and positivity, so Ascot is the ideal place to show off your daring red dress. Red is the epitome of femininity and power – be the first and the last look when you style it with dramatic matching accessories.
    To get the look:  

    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Oscar de la Renta, Hat: Anna Millinery, Necklace: Nordstrom, Shoes: Bleecker & Bond, Glasses: Versace

    Look 3: 'GOING FOR GREEN'

    Green and red can pose complexities in styling due to sitting opposite one another on the colour wheel. However, when worn well, the two colours can complement each other incredibly well and create an unexpectedly sophisticated affect. Mix with darker greens and a flash of gold for a regal air to show off your adventurous style.
    To get the look: 
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag:, Hat: Neonscope, Earrings: Gucci, Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

    Look 4: 'NAUTICALLY NAVY '

    Blend the passionate statement of red with a sleek navy for a glamorous and put-together look; the colours balance each out perfectly, lending a nautical, summery feel. This look is ideal from day into night and can be worn again and again. Finish the look with a simple navy bag and drop earrings for the chic, classy woman.
    To get the look: 
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Saint Laurent, Earrings: Amber Sceats Jewellery, Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana



    Our pastel blue dress is the perfect summer garment due to its subtle colouring and versatile style. The simple boxy cropped blazer is contemporary and stylish, while the high-waisted, flowing skirt gives off a more delicate feel.

    When worn with pops of bright colour, it is transformed into a vibrant outfit that embodies confidence and charm. If you prefer a more subtle feel, then switch the bright colours for softer, lighter shades of pink and white.

    Look 1: 'PLAYFUL RED'

    Pastel blue is traditionally a subtle colour. However, when pairing it with a splash of red, another dimension is added to your outfit. The combination of bold and bright colours with a lighter palette is a fun, confident way to add flair and vibrance to an outfit. Finish the look with a funky snakeskin bag and statement sunglasses for a playful and youthful vibe.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Maor Zabar, Bracelet:, Hat: Maor Zabar, Glasses: Alain Mikli, Shoes: Alexandre Vauthier, Earrings: Miu Miu


    Complementary pairing is an easy way to welcome vibrance into your wardrobe. Blue and orange work together beautifully to create a striking, almost summery image that will draw all eyes your way. Seal the classy vibe with a French-style scarf, a classically chic style for the modern woman.

    To get the look:

    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Bottega Veneta, Hat: William Chambers Millinery, Earrings: AYM, Glasses: Bottega Veneta, Scarf: Burberry, Necklace: gorjana, Shoes: Saint Laurent

    Look 3: 'PASTEL PINK'

    Combining pastels portrays a soft, whimsical glamour, adding to the delicate, feminine style. The calm blue shades balance out the delicate and dreamy pink tones. When accessorising, feathers and fur are wonderful, textured accompaniments that shouldn’t be restricted to winter; when worn in shades of pastel pink they appear light and perfect for the summer.

    To get the look:

    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: LOEWE, Necklace: Kendra Scott, Hat: William Chambers Millinery, Shoes: Revolve, Earrings: Kendra


    If you’re aiming for poised sophistication, white and pastel blue work well together to create a classic, modest, and gentle look. Adding the simple statement hat and floral handbag ties the outfit together and takes you from office to Ascot.

    To get the look:

    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Ted Baker, Necklace: Tasaki, Hat: Maor Zabar, Watch: ASOS, Shoes: Maison Ernest, Earrings: Holly Ryan Jewellery



    Despite its name, a baby pink dress is an excellent canvas to explore your personality through clothing: like white, it can be effectively paired with almost any colour as a subtle base that enhances the other colours, allowing them to ‘pop’. Bring out your ultra-feminine side with subtle and chic lighter shades, or contrast with a darker navy. Make a bold statement with deep, passionate reds and other vibrant colours, or go glamourous with gold. Accessorise this simple and flattering piece in the way that makes you feel most empowered.

    Look 1: 'VIBRANT RED'

    Are you ready to be daring? Choosing vivid colours can lend a new brightness to your style. Contrast the baby pink with deep red for an enticing and sexy look that plays ever-so-slightly with the rules of fashion. Complete the look with an extravagant rainbow hat and patterned bag to show off your vivacious inner spark.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Sensi Studio, Bracelet: Set & Stones, Hat: Maor Zabar, Earrings: Versace, Glasses: Adam Selman, Shoes: Jimmy Choo

    Look 2: 'SILK BLUE'

    Silky blues are such a flattering combination with blush pink; wearing lighter colours together avoids drama in your look, instead providing a similar colour to maintain the soft palette for a clean, simplistic beauty in your look. Wearing accessories can be daunting if you are not used to it, so pick paler colours to ease your way in. Choose delicate, silver jewellery and simple floral patterns for a look that is abundant with grace.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Luis Negri, Hat: Philip Treacy, Earrings: Nordstrom, Ring: Bentley & Skinner, Necklace: TASAKI, Shoes: Badgley MischkA

    Look 3: 'GOLD'

    Add a touch of glamour by dropping in shimmering shades of pearlescent pink and golden rays. Echo the shade of pink in your hat and shoe choice for complete coordination and simplicity, then add in a pattern with a statement bag to finish off your look.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag:, Hat: Racel Trevor, Earrings: Tory Burch, Watch: Movado, Shoes: Sophia Webster

    Look 4: 'NAVY'

    Navy and blush pink combine beautifully to present a seductive, eye-catching outfit. Delicate jewellery works perfectly with this look, as the statement is in your bolder hat choice. Maintain consistency throughout this outfit by reflecting the shade of pink in the styling accessories.
    To get the look:
    Dress: ‘Olga Anderson’, Bag: Edie Parker, Hat: Lana Anisimova Studio, Earrnings: The Accessory Junkie, Necklace: Adina's Jewels, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

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