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    THE JUMPSUIT: A Modern Woman's Power Suit

    Over the past few decades, the jumpsuit has been sported by various fashion icons, from the Spice Girls to Britney Spears in her Oops! I did it again music video. Often reserved for more daring celebrity outfits in the past, jumpsuits have made a comeback as a serious fashion statement.  

    These days, shoppers are more easily swayed by fashion that is convenient and comfortable. Pulling on a jumpsuit allows one to know that they will look astonishing whilst saving time on picking out matching items to create a complete outfit. Jumpsuits have become an essential item of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe due to their versatility and comfort, whether going to work or strutting down the red carpet.

    Britney Spears


    Jumpsuits, like all women, have their own individual elements of design, coming in all shapes and sizes.  They fit the body in a way that emphasises its assets, an extremely empowering feature that helps to coax out inner confidence. In an era where women are objectified on a daily basis, a jumpsuit can provide freedom of movement both physically and mentally, allowing a woman (or man!) to feel emboldened by who they are. It allows a person to shine within themselves, without the feeling of scrutiny from others, knowing that they can look both powerful and sexy in a modest fashion. This helps people to nurture a love of their bodies, exactly the way they are, without feeling self-conscious about their outfit. A statement that can never go wrong, jumpsuits help to free us from the feeling of not looking good in our clothes.

    Stella McCartney has been a modern pioneer of the jumpsuit – alongside a whole host of other designers – maintaining that this item of clothing will remain a staple piece of everyone’s arsenal in 2020, including brands such as  Zimmerman and Zara.  It is a garment that suggests preparation for hard work yet one that is elegance personified and extremely flattering for all. A timeless garment, the jumpsuit is here to stay.


    Stella McCartney


    Although jumpsuits have some negative connotations attributed to them – particularly that of the orange prison uniform – they are the garment of the future. The jumpsuit began as anti-establishment iconography of gender fluidity, often seen adorning male bodies from the disco movement to the glam-rock movement. Today, however, the jumpsuit is pictured as chic and tailored, yet remains a symbol of freedom and empowerment of gender and class stereotypes. A common thread running through modern society is the general dislike of being told what you can or cannot wear, do, or say. Clothing has, over time, become an expression of the inner self striving to break away from traditional ideologies. In a society where feminism and gender fluidity are becoming increasingly visible, the jumpsuit is a powerful representation of this movement pushing forward; it is a visual emblem of the steps forward in the movement for gender equality. It is a unisex item of clothing that is equally available to both genders, representing the slow movement towards equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities that are unifying the sexes. This unisex functionality means that both men and women can feel confident, comfortable, and empowered by a single stylish item of clothing.  This is inspirational as it crosses classic gender conformity lines, blurring them into one.

    In addition to its status as a gender unifier, the jumpsuit also represents the demolition of class segregations. Jumpsuits were traditionally sported by working-class women for utilitarian jobs, whilst upper-class woman wore items of elegance (this is excellently displayed in the juxtaposing couple depicted in the 1975 British sitcom, The Good Life). Nowadays, everyone – no matter their class or gender – can wear a jumpsuit as it’s versatile and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Thus, it could be said that jumpsuits unite humanity, illustrating that one can embody whichever persona they choose with their outfit choices.

    The jumpsuit has no age limit, no sex preference or ideal practicality. It is a garment that moulds itself to your everyday needs, making sure that everything you do, you do in style, making it the garment of the future.


    Modern-day women are also ditching the traditional white gowns on their wedding day, instead are replacing them with the much chicer jumpsuit. Again, this has something to do with the functionality of a jumpsuit, allowing a bride to be comfortable on her wedding day, whilst still creating the same astonishing reaction as a dress would have had.

    Today’s brides are more likely to experiment with their looks, combining traditional elements with modern tastes, such as pairing a jumpsuit with a veil. While this may represent a break in convention, it allows a woman to be herself on her big day and helps to dispel some of the more sexist, misogynistic aspects of marriage that have lived on as a result of ‘tradition’. A jumpsuit doesn’t make you any less beautiful or any less feminine than a dress – a fact that society is beginning to accept and embrace. Instead, they have the ability to surprise due their unconventionality, whilst retaining and elegant, stylish ‘aisle-ready’ feel. Women no longer need to dress like a princess on their wedding day or be saved by their prince – they can do that for themselves, alongside an equal partner – and their fashion choices reflect that modern-day twist on convention. 

    Jumpsuits are the ultimate all-in-one item of clothing that every individual should possess as a perfect blend of comfort, ease, utility, power and sass!

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